Simple Tips for Cleaning Vinyls Fences

We all love seeing white vinyl fences with our beautiful lawns, houses and gardens. The white in contrast always looks amazing however, like all white things white vinyl fences will get dirty and will eventually need to be cleaned?

So how to you plan to do this? Their are many ways to go about it. After researching it we know exactly the best ways to clean vinyls fences in Idaho falls!

  1. Pressure Washer. This is what most people think of when they think of cleaning their fences. While this is very effective and will get rid of nearly every dirt and grim it does cause more messes and can be difficult to keep clean as you wash.
  2. Mr Clean Magic Eraser. One way to really keep your fences clean is to use a magic eraser. This eraser does a great job of removing the dirt and bringing the white back out of vinyl. Before using Mr Clean its a good idea to get most of the dirt and cobwebs by spraying the fences down with a hose first.
  3. Bucket and Brush. The simplest method is using a traditional bucket with water and soap. (If you have bleach this also works great to put in your bucket of water). Once you’ve got your bucket of water and soap. Spray down the fence with water then brush with soap and then spray a second time to remove all the soap residue.
  4. Vinyl Fence Solvents. Their are a variety of solvents out that help you with cleaning vinyl. These can be very effective as well and can be found at most of your home improvement stores.

By cleaning your fence on a yearly basis you’ll be able to keep that beautiful white vinyl fence looking bright and white for many years. For any of your Idaho Fall vinyl fencing needs contact the pros at Lewis Fence and Deck. They’re the best Idaho Vinyl Fencing experts!