Paint or Stain. Which is better for my Fence?

You got your wood fence! Now is how do you maintain it. If you know anything about wood fences you know that over time they will begin to fade and will eventually need some maintenance. There are three basic options when it comes to “finishing” a wood fence in Idaho Falls: Staining, painting, or leave it natural.


Stain wins over paint most of the time, and thats because it requires so much less then paint. It can be higher in initial cost but wont need to be re-stained over and over again like you would with paint. Eventually the stain will fade and need to be redone, but not nearly as frequently as paint. Stain does not peel or crack, so it requires way less preparation than repainting. A good power wash or washing with a deck cleaner will give you a clean slate to work with before re-staining, without all the scraping and peeling.


Painting fences was more popular before there were so many options for stains. Painting is probably the option we would least recommend, because it does require a lot of maintenance. If you do decide to go ahead and paint your fence, you can expect to have to repaint it every 1-3 years, as paint does tend to crack and peel.

Also keep in mind that once you do need to repaint, you will first need to scrape off all of the existing paint, then prep the surface for new paint, and then finally repaint. It is a lot of work and a lot of time, and over time the painting and repainting will end up costing you more.


The third option for finishing a fence is simply leaving it natural and allowing it to weather over time. This option, of course, requires the least amount of effort, but it does leave room for the elements to take a toll on your fence over time. However, the rustic, weathered look is popular these days, and quality wood will last a while even if it is left to the elements.

Now its up to you! Even though it will ultimately be up to you what you choose don’t hesitate to contact Lewis Fence and Deck for any of your needs with wood fencing in Idaho Falls. Lewis Fence and Deck has been the servicing East Idaho for years and will be happy to help you! Call Today!