Chain Link

Cost: Low
Material Warranty: 12 Year Limited Warranty (on galvanized)
Upkeep: None
Colors: Galvanized, Black, Brown and Green
Heights: 3′ and up

Chain Link Information


Cost: Medium
Material Warranty: 30 Year Limited Warranty
Upkeep: None
Colors: White, Tan, Gray and Adobe (Adobe currently unavailable)
Heights: 3′ – 6′ (custom over 6′)

Vinyl Information


Cost: Wide Ranging to High
Material Warranty: None
Upkeep: High (if staining)
Colors: There are a plethora of stains that can be applied
Heights: 3′ – 6′ (custom over 6′)

Wood Information


Cost: Depends on Material
Material Warranty: Depends on Material
Upkeep: Depends on Material
Colors: Depends on Material
Heights: 3′ – 6′ (custom over 6′)

Commercial Information