Fences vs. Dogs

For most people getting a dog is extremely exciting and you just can’t wait to get that little puppy with his cute puppy dog eyes. However, most people don’t put into consideration how big that dog will get in size and energy. Most likely getting a good fence for your dog is the last thing that you’ll be thinking about. Luckily Lewis Fence and Deck thinks about its dogs and Fencing in Idaho Falls.

If you have a bigger dog you’ll want to make sure you have a fence that will keep him content and you at peace of mind. So here’s a 5 fencing tips for your big dogs.

  1. Big dogs need bigger fences. Bigger dogs like a husky, Labrador or Golden retriever can jump up to heights of 4 or 5 feet. So you’ll want to look for a fence about that height if not slightly taller. Height isn’t the only factors usually these bigger dogs are quite heavy and strong you’ll want to find a material strong enough like a wood or vinyl fence.
  2. Give your dog a little privacy (or, rather, give the squirrel on the other side privacy). Okay so maybe your dogs doesn’t care too much for the privacy but you will care for your sanity and peace off mind. Having a fence that a dog can look through to see all the spurless and cats is not the best option; unless you like barking during day and night. Chainlink won’t be your best friend because he’ll be watching for anything that moves!
  3. Invisible fence. You may ask, what about invisible fences? Some owners may just want to put up an invisible or electric fence for their big dog and be done with it. If local laws prevent you from installing a high enough fence for your big dog, this may be your only option. However, it is possible that invisible fences worsen behavioral problems in dogs. Think about how you would feel if you got shocked every time you crossed an invisible line!
  4. Make that Fence Impossible to climb. Dogs can be crafty. Even though you may have a tall fence if its easy to climb they will. You’ll want to avoid chainlink and instead get a solid panel fence that the dog wont be able to climb up like a chainlink fence
  5. Give your dog the attention he deserves. Dogs have a lot of energy, if they are put in one place for too long they will build up a lot of energy so take hime out every for a few mins everyday so he can get his exercise. With the proper exercise and attention he needs he’ll be much less interested of finding way to get out of his nice fence.

When it comes to fences in East Idaho, look to Lewis Fence & Deck. They can give you all your option when it comes to keeping your dogs in and safe.