Given our demand of fencing in the Spring and Summer, we typically only build decks starting in the Fall. Contact us for more details.
Consider adding a deck or pergola to your home to bring new dimension to any size living area. Enjoy the benefits of increased living space designed exclusively for your specific needs. At Lewis Fence & Deck, we specialize in creating unforgettable outdoor structures with attention to the smallest details and quality you can see and feel. We would love to take your idea and make it a dream, so contact us for your free estimate.

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Redwood Decks

Redwood Deck and handrailing

Redwood Deck with rough sawn wood posts and bronze colored aluminum handrailing

Redwood Deck with bronze colored aluminum handrailing

Composite Decks

Multiple colors available with aluminum handrailing (white, black, bronze and clear panels)

Other colors available, height/style determined by customer, aluminum handrailing (decorative styles available)

Vinyl handrailing available in white or tan, custom designed deck to accommodate future landscaping projects