Choosing the Right Fence

A simple drive down the street will tell you that there is a lot of options for fences.  Lets talk about choosing the right fencing in Idaho falls. Your Fence will play a big role in the design of your home along with security and privacy. Here’s a few of the fencing options we offer at lewis fence and deck.

Vinyl Fencing: This is common fencing to see in Idaho Falls.  Other then cost vinyl fencing is elite when it comes to any other category. In fact, according to our friends at HomeAdvisor, some manufacturers claim that vinyl fences are nearly five times stronger and more flexible than comparable wood fences.Vinyl fencing is maintenance free and resists paint, allowing you to easily clean graffiti or any other unwanted stains. All you will need is a hose and soap to make it look as good as new.

Chainlink Fencing: Chain link fences do not add much privacy to the home, but perform the other basic functions of a fence quite well. Homeowners, as well as school administrators (very popular), will be delighted to know that they are cheap , durable and need very little maintenance (like many of the other options). Chainlink fences now come in a variety of heights and colors now making it possible to customize your fence.

Wood Fencing: Wood is the most popular fencing type across America. Not only does it give homeowners a sense of privacy with the height wood fencing provides, but they are also one of the more attractive options on the market. They give homeowners a warm and welcoming feeling and without the headache of breaking the bank. Beware that the height and size of your fence will greatly impact the price.

Choosing the right fence can be difficult. If you have any questions with fencing in Idaho Falls contact your local fence specialist. After many years in the business we can offer our professional expertise to whatever your project may be!