Chainlink Fence Improved?

Chainlink fences. They are…timeless. Since being a kid way back in elementary we all remember the gray chainlink fences surrounding  the Idaho Falls schools. Granted they are ugly but are terribly long lasting and cheap for what they offer.  No wonder they put them around all the school, parks and houses. Chainlink fencing is wonderful in many ways because it offers security while being open enough to be able to see beyond. They can hold your pet in your yard, protect your property and blend into the background well-enough to be able to have your homes beauty noticed.  Without chain-link fences, it would be dangerous and difficult to enjoy a baseball game behind home plate.  It would be difficult to view a mixed martial arts fight without the durable and visual aspects of the chain-link fence. Chainlink is the best when considering extreme durability, low maintenance, ease of installation and security. The galvanized steel wire provides such strength that the chain-link fence is often called “the hurricane fence.” This is why it is the highest-selling fence in America.

Since chainlink is just about perfect in every way except it looks their is actually a way to spice up a chainlink fence. Now chainlink fences come in color-coated varieties and a variety and heights to make the chainlink fence appeal to more residential homes that want to have a beautiful fence. 

The vinyl multi-colored chainlink fences is now much more appealing. The most common colors are black, green, and brown.

Black chain link fence has a softer appeal and easily blends into residential and commercial environments. Different mesh sizes and wire gauges are available. When installed among shrubs or along the border of wooded areas, it’s possible for a chain-link fence to be nearly invisible, especially if outfitted with fabrics or lattice panels.

Green color PVC chain link fence is most often used at playgrounds, sports parks and other recreational facilities that require less formal security.

Brown represents the earth and compliments accompanying colors look richer and brighter. It conveys the feeling of warmth and needs less maintenance that other colors of vinyl chain link fence. Brown is considered to be a dressed down cousin to black vinyl chain link, and suits a more humble aesthetic.

For any other questions about chainlink fences in Idaho Falls contact Lewis Fences and Deck. We are the experts when it come to chainlink fences.