Paint or Stain. Which is better for my Fence?

You got your wood fence! Now is how do you maintain it. If you know anything about wood fences you know that over time they will begin to fade and will eventually need some maintenance. There are three basic options when it comes to “finishing” a wood fence in Idaho Falls: Staining, painting, or leave it natural. Stain Stain wins … Read More

4 Reason Why You Don’t Want A Vinyl Fence

Recently, we wrote a post about 4 reason to get a vinyl fence. Today, we decided to talk about a few reason why you may not want that fence because lets be honest, some people just don’t want to have a fence. We want to help those that want a vinyl fencing in Idaho falls to get it. Isolation/boundaries. The first … Read More

4 reason Why You Want A Vinyl Fence On Your Property

At Lewis fence and Deck we think fences are about the coolest thing you can do to your property and will make your home looks so much more pleasant. Vinyl fencing in Idaho falls is common but they’re are still many that don’t have a vinyl fence and many that do. So what’s the difference? Well we would like to … Read More

Choosing the Right Fence

A simple drive down the street will tell you that there is a lot of options for fences.  Lets talk about choosing the right fencing in Idaho falls. Your Fence will play a big role in the design of your home along with security and privacy. Here’s a few of the fencing options we offer at lewis fence and deck. … Read More

Fences vs. Dogs

For most people getting a dog is extremely exciting and you just can’t wait to get that little puppy with his cute puppy dog eyes. However, most people don’t put into consideration how big that dog will get in size and energy. Most likely getting a good fence for your dog is the last thing that you’ll be thinking about. … Read More

Advantages of Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences are often the most common we see here in East Idaho. They are quite beautiful and attract the eye especially with backdrops of wheat field and green lawns. We know that their beautiful but what other advantages might you get with a Vinyl PVC Fence? In this blog post we’d like to go over a few of the … Read More

Temporary Security Fence Rentals in East Idaho

Temporary Fences are a great option when you need to provided security at your next project in Idaho Falls. What are temporary fences? Well to put it simply they are fences that are…temporary. You rent the fences we help you install them and in a few days or months we’ll come take them down. How is this helping you? It … Read More

Chainlink Fence Improved?

Chainlink fences. They are…timeless. Since being a kid way back in elementary we all remember the gray chainlink fences surrounding  the Idaho Falls schools. Granted they are ugly but are terribly long lasting and cheap for what they offer.  No wonder they put them around all the school, parks and houses. Chainlink fencing is wonderful in many ways because it … Read More

Simple Tips for Cleaning Vinyls Fences

We all love seeing white vinyl fences with our beautiful lawns, houses and gardens. The white in contrast always looks amazing however, like all white things white vinyl fences will get dirty and will eventually need to be cleaned? So how to you plan to do this? Their are many ways to go about it. After researching it we know … Read More

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vinyl Fence or Wood Fence

Here is South East Idaho we have many types of fences but the most common fences we see in the in residential areas is wood and vinyl. Which is better? We want to talk about a few things that will hopefully help your decision when it comes to choosing vinyl fences and wood fences. Maintenance When comparing wood and vinyl … Read More