Temporary Security Fence Rentals in East Idaho

Temporary Fences are a great option when you need to provided security at your next project in Idaho Falls. What are temporary fences? Well to put it simply they are fences that are…temporary. You rent the fences we help you install them and in a few days or months we’ll come take them down. How is this helping you? It … Read More

Chainlink Fence Improved?

Chainlink fences. They are…timeless. Since being a kid way back in elementary we all remember the gray chainlink fences surrounding  the Idaho Falls schools. Granted they are ugly but are terribly long lasting and cheap for what they offer.  No wonder they put them around all the school, parks and houses. Chainlink fencing is wonderful in many ways because it … Read More

Simple Tips for Cleaning Vinyls Fences

We all love seeing white vinyl fences with our beautiful lawns, houses and gardens. The white in contrast always looks amazing however, like all white things white vinyl fences will get dirty and will eventually need to be cleaned? So how to you plan to do this? Their are many ways to go about it. After researching it we know … Read More

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vinyl Fence or Wood Fence

Here is South East Idaho we have many types of fences but the most common fences we see in the in residential areas is wood and vinyl. Which is better? We want to talk about a few things that will hopefully help your decision when it comes to choosing vinyl fences and wood fences. Maintenance When comparing wood and vinyl … Read More

VMA Certified

What is VMA? The VMA is the “Vinyl Manufacturers Associaiton”. They are the consumers assurance of quality. The VMA now has a comprehensive certification and licensee program whose purpose is to offer a verification process to consumers that the products of certified companies meet or exceed industry standards and are produced through quality manufacturing process. These companies, their products, processes … Read More

Vinyl Fence Repair

Does your vinyl fence have a damaged panel and/or rail? We have some easy steps to follow for the do it yourself task. Ask your installer how the vinyl rails were installed. If the rails were installed with screws, our video will help. Purchase your panels/rails from your local fence supplier. Watch our instructional video