Advantages of Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences are often the most common we see here in East Idaho. They are quite beautiful and attract the eye especially with backdrops of wheat field and green lawns. We know that their beautiful but what other advantages might you get with a Vinyl PVC Fence? In this blog post we’d like to go over a few of the advantages of having a vinyl fence in the Idaho Falls Region.

  1. Durability. Vinyl fences last for decades and are five times stronger than wood. Unlike most other fences vinyl is flexible with keeps it from breaking unless its a direct hit like horse kick or a rock thrown from a lawn mower. Vinyl fences do not crack, rot or slipper like a wooden fence. Vinyl is impervious to weathering and to pests like termites, fungus, dry rot and decay. Vinyl is fire resistant. Vinyl fences are so durable, most products carry a lifetime warranty.
  2. Maintenance. Vinyl is very minimal in maintenance. The rain only does enough to clean the vinyl fences, in Idaho we don’t get quite enough rain during the hot months so a simple hose would very well do the trick to keep your fences clean.  You will never have to paint, scrape, or seal a vinyl fence. Unlike chain link fencing, vinyl never rusts. Of course, even though vinyl is flexible, breaks sometimes happen. If it does, you will need to repair the entire section where the break occurred.
  3. Environmentally safe. For consumers that wish to maintain a “green” profile, vinyl is prime for  recycling when its life as a fence is over. Some makers of vinyl fencing even use recycled pop bottles to make vinyl fences. In most cases, today’s manufactured vinyl fencing is non-toxic and not treated with harsh chemicals or preservatives like wood.

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