4 reason Why You Want A Vinyl Fence On Your Property

At Lewis fence and Deck we think fences are about the coolest thing you can do to your property and will make your home looks so much more pleasant. Vinyl fencing in Idaho falls is common but they’re are still many that don’t have a vinyl fence and many that do. So what’s the difference? Well we would like to talk about 4 reasons why you know you want a beautiful vinyl fencing in Idaho Falls!

Animals & Pest. If you love in Idaho Fall you know we have lots of animals that roam. Dogs, cats, raccoons and even cows. If you loving by grazing cattle its almost undeniable that you will at some point find a cow munching on your lawn and flowers while leaving nice big cow pies around your landscape. Yes, for animals and pest having a vinyl fence is a good idea.

Children. The stress that parents feel every time they turn their back to finding their toddler trying to escape the house is enough to get a vinyl fence. Parents, grandparents, babysitters will all live a lot better know that they can turn the kids lose out in yard completely enclosed by your fence. For children sake and the sanity of the parents the vinyl fence is a perfect option.

Privacy. Yes, privacy is a big deal you can sing and dance and make a fool of yourself without getting judged by the neighbors. Privacy, is something you can enjoy with the right fencing that will make you feel more comfortable at home.

Weeds. This is a weird reason but still very legitimate. Having a vinyl fence will protect your beautiful lawn from all the weeds that get blown in the Idaho Falls winds.  The fence will keep the wind down and you’ll notice that your lawn will have much less weeds.

Lewis Fence and Deck is your East Idaho Fencing Specialist. Give us a call to get a free estimate and let us come help you install that vinyl fencing in Idaho Falls!