4 Reason Why You Don’t Want A Vinyl Fence

Recently, we wrote a post about 4 reason to get a vinyl fence. Today, we decided to talk about a few reason why you may not want that fence because lets be honest, some people just don’t want to have a fence. We want to help those that want a vinyl fencing in Idaho falls to get it.

Isolation/boundaries. The first things that would be a negative for a select few would be isolating yourself from your friends and neighbors. Many would think the opposite because they like the privacy and isolation they get from a vinyl fence. However, their are many people who enjoy being able to be more friendly with neighbors and the thoughts of putting up boundaries would not be ideal.

Sunsets and Sunrises. Building a tall fence will block the view! Idaho has some of the greatest natural views from beautiful sunsets to gorgeous wheat fields. If you buy a house for the location then end up putting in a fence it will defeat the purpose if you cant see out. Their are are different solutions though. Lewis Fence and Deck also offers semi-privacy fences allowing you to look out and enjoy the views.

Less accessibility. If you have a fence along your property and landscape it can make it a little more difficult accessing your yard. For example, if you wanted to landscape a portion of your yard with a dump truck full of rocks you wouldn’t have the accessibility of getting into your yard.

Just one more thing to keep clean. If you have a yard you know that it takes a lot fo up keep. Putting in a fence will just add to the list of other chores. Even though a vinyl fence is low maintenance it will still need a good cleaning every season.

Hopefully after all those negatives you’ll  look at the Pro’s of having a vinyl fence because lets get real there are negatives and positives to everything. Click the link to see the reason why you should buy a vinyl fence. For any of your vinyl fencing in Idaho Falls call Lewis Fence and Deck they know what will be best for you!