3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vinyl Fence or Wood Fence

Here is South East Idaho we have many types of fences but the most common fences we see in the in residential areas is wood and vinyl. Which is better? We want to talk about a few things that will hopefully help your decision when it comes to choosing vinyl fences and wood fences.


When comparing wood and vinyl to maintenance. Vinyl is the clear winner and the reason being is because vinyl requires no maintenance whatsoever. Vinyl will look great for many many years.  Wood on the other hand requires much more maintenance because you need to treat and stain the fences periodically. Which is expensive and very time consuming.


Generally speaking, wood will be cheaper initially. However, as mentioned before you’ll have to put money and time into them periodically. Vinyl, upfront is more money but will last for much more time with little to no maintenance. If you can swing it in the upfront cost vinyl is the way to go.


It depends on your style but typically people love the look of a clean new wood fence, especially because the look is flexible and you can do many different styles.  They are very beautiful but, that can be short lived because wood is being attacked by the sun, weather, and insects. The wood does break down faster so the appearance only lasts for so long. If your going for the white look then vinyl will definitely be the choice for you. As long as you keep the dirt and moss off of the vinyl, they will look white and beautiful for years to come.

We hope when your considering wood and vinyl that you’ll consider these 3 things.  Be sure that when choosing fences that you talk to your local Idaho fence professionals Lewis Fence & Deck. Contact us with any of your fencing needs!